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Traveler On A Mission got caught in the trade winds and will be drifting to the shores of Antigua and St. Kitts.
These beautiful islands are home to two orphanages that care for children between the ages of 5-18.

September 2021 we will have the opportunity to provide the same fun filled workshops we do in Connecticut to the children that reside in the children's home (orphanage). (pending on Covid-19 restrictions)

The children will learn how to make hygiene products for themselves and review hygiene practices in an interactive workshop setting.

The workshops will build self-esteem and teach a new skill that the children can carry with them for there entire life.

You can be the reason that children living in an orphanage are learning new skills and sparking an interest in entrepreneurship while reviewing good hygiene practices.
Click here to learn how you can be part of this important growth building process. 

(subject to change due to Covid-19.)

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Our response to Covid-19
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to fulfill our mission differently. Even more so than ever; our focus remains to provide hygiene products to improve health. In the past, we have primarily partnered with food pantries who have helped us identified families in need. T.O.A.M remains in contact with our pantry partners to ensure that clients are still receiving the help they need with regards to hygiene. 
During this time of the pandemic, we have received individual requests from the community regarding families that have fallen ill and are not able to get to the store to purchase hygiene products for themselves and there home. Care packages filled with home cleaning supplies and personal hygiene were created for the families and dropped off following social distancing guidelines.
Essential works who were struggling to meet basic needs before the pandemic have not been forgotten. Since they are valuable assets to our community, we show our support to them in the form of hygiene care packages. 
Your support helps make it possible for families to remain healthy and safe during these uncertain. Each donation from our wish list is delivered directly to families who may have fallen ill due to COVID-19, essential workers who have been facing financial struggles before the pandemic and persons who are homeless.  
Thank you for supporting the work we do.
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