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Patterned Coconut Bowl Set. Includes

2 - Hand Carved Coconut Bowls

2  - Coconut Wood Spoons

1 - Jungle Straw

 1 - Coconut Fibre Cleaning Brush

 1 - NaturalJute Carry Pouch



100% Natural Jungle Culture proudly works with small family-run farms and craft workshops in Vietnam.  Our coconut bowls are made using reclaimed coconuts that would otherwise be burned after harvest. They help provide a well-needed second income for some of Vietnam's most impoverished communities.


Product: Coconut Bowls by Jungle Culture is 100% organic, natural, biodegradable, sustainably produced, vegan & compostable.No chemicals or pesticides are used to make our bowls.


FOOD GRADE CERTIFIED: Unlike many other companies, Jungle Culture is a British brand, and all of our products are certified food safe according to EU & UK law. We use only natural coconut oil to protect our bowls, no chemicals, and no pesticides when growing the coconuts.

Coconut Bowls Set (Two Bowls)- Stripped

    • Care & UsageCoconut Bowls are a natural product and need love and care. Please do not put your bowls in the dishwasher. Your Jungle Straw can be placed in the dishwasher or cleaned with the

    • coconut fiber brush provided

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