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Getting the work done

Monthly donations can make a lasting impact more than one-time donations, no matter the amount. Every dollar counts for Traveler On A Mission, and a guaranteed dollar a month is always a comfort for an organization like ours, which is run on the generosity of others.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Once on our donor website choose any icon to make 

Minimal Office

Never feel obligated to make a large donation!

$100.00 and above

A monthly donation at this level helps to keep the lights on and the administrative task complete.

$75.00- $99.00

Food Donation

Smaller donations throughout the year are generally more manageable for the average donor and can make the same impact as a one-time gift.

A monthly donation at this level provides hygiene products to our pantry partners each month.

Kids Drawing

Spreading your donation may even allow you to contribute more than you initially thought.


A monthly donation at this level gives a child the opportunity to participate in on of our after-school programs.

For example, spending $480 all at once might be too much for a monthly budget, but if donating $40 every month is doable, you’ll donate $480 by the end of the year! Now that is making an impact.

$10.00 - $44.00

A monthly donation at this level helps us get ready for the holiday season when we give special hygiene-related treats to our clients. Everyone should have a special holiday no matter lifes current situation.

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